You'll get a monthly sample packs, and special gifts from one of the best producer on progressive house scene - Dmitry Molosh. If you need advice on production or remix request from scene veteran just subscribe.


 It’s a masterclass platform, where people can learn how to DJ from home using our software, which looks like a ‘sheet music’ for DJs. We called it Homework and it includes the tracklist and all the necessary time stamps to play strong pro class mixes. It works like for pianists, who before to start improvising, learn to play music by the sheet first. Exactly the same way novice DJs can use our Homeworks to become pros.

Our project is supported by such names as Tony McGuinness and D-Nox 

Production Course

Start today your production course with Kostya Outta. Just left a message with your introduction and your production goals and we contact with you.