Rounding out the month of September, Deepwibe Underground welcomes Juan Buitrago back to the label for his debut EP. On the strength of a release for Nick Warren’s The Soundgarden, Colombian artist Juan Buitrago made his Deepwibe Underground debut with ‘Glide’. Co-produced with Ric Niels and appearing on the label’s Chapter III collection from May of this year, it set the course for summer projects via Mango Alley and Transensations. Now making a welcome return to Deepwibe Underground, Juan steps up for his first label showcase entitled ‘Stomp’.

EP opener ‘Otun’ finds Juan operating at the peak of his creative powers. Fuelled by rhythm and groove; its rolling basslines, crunchy rhythms and flashy percussion set the stage for clustered melodies and spacey sonics. Billowing bass tones add flashes of drama across the break, eventually melting down into a stunning array of effects and acid warbles as the groove powers forward to an exhilarating finale.

Moving forward to the title selection Juan continues his dancefloor minded approach. Landing with an equally impressive display of craftsmanship, the Colombian plants multiple explosions of serotonin through vibrant arps, emotive melodies and clustered effects, tactfully building vibe and energy across an electric break which highlights the piece.

Keeping energy high and rounding out the release are the heavy grooves and pulsating rhythms of ‘Ikoma’. From dark and mysterious beginnings come prophetic themes and vibrant arps which captivate leading into the break. Looking to bring greater tension, Juan reaffirms his dancefloor minded approach with laser-like lines and rising modulation uniting for a striking apex and slightly more emotive finale. Juan continues to impress with his return to Deepwibe Underground here, a three-track showcase which finds him as one of Colombia’s fast rising talents. Highly recommended. 



 Deepwibe Underground’s -102C closes out the summer season with a new single from The Cobb. With ‘Perlina’ landing in August alongside a remix from Madraas, the Russian artist continued to impress with his deep organic sound. Armen Miran, Hermanez, Sasha and more chimed in with support and in turn added another memorable addition to The Cobb’s ever-expanding discography. Now with the summer season winding down, -102C unveils The Cobb’s latest creation ‘Vesna’, alongside a remix from Not Demure.

As The Cobb continues to lean in an organic direction his latest ‘Vesna’ comes in as one of his most detailed works to date. Backed by warm beats and mounds of voluptuous bass, it’s an intricate complement of drum elements which captivates as the first act unfolds. Exotic and character-rich, this lively percussive cadence perfectly sets the stage for waves of soulful instrumentation leading into the break. Cross-cultural in essence, these fluttery motifs delight across the centrepiece, bringing with them tasteful strings and wispy effects, before breaking off into a drum-driven drop and musical finale.

Returning to the label and providing the lone interpretation of ‘Vesna’ is Not Demure. Born in Argentina and now based in Spain, Not Demure first emerged in 2017 with a progressive inspired sound. Gaining momentum and fans quickly, the Mar del Plata native went on to showcase his music via LAIKA Sounds, Magician On Duty and Univack, where he began to establish an organic sensibility into his work. Post-pandemic has seen Not Demure prosper further with longstanding imprints such as Magnitude, MNL and Movement Recordings all providing a home for his far-reaching sound, while both -102C and Deepwibe Underground have also served as landing spots. Now following on from from his -102C debut ‘Lavender’, a two-track showcase co-produced with Ryan (AR), Not Demure returns to the label with a spirited take on ‘Vesna’. Dubbing down the musical elements in favour of a deliberate dance floor minded approach, Not Demure creates a colourful complement to the original, utilizing clever musical co-actions and balmy atmospherics to create an enduring remix that will stand the test of time. Intelligent and danceable, it goes down as another stand out production for Not Demure, as -102C continues a strong 2022 schedule. Highly recommended. 



 The latest release from Deepwibe Digital welcomes Gonza Sclarovsky to the label for his first EP on this year.